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Summer is HERE!

We love this time of year when the temperatures start to climb and the desert comes alive with all sorts of wonderful things.  It is also time to  take a look around your home or studio and give your artwork a fresh look.

Are your wall samples still representative of your style?  Does it reflect your best work? Are you showing samples to your clients of the products you are trying to market to them or do you count on a picture in a catalog to close the deal.

Show it to sell it...and show what you do.  It just makes sense.

Customer Testimonials  
Karen Halbert

Oh my! This one took my breath away! And the family's response? They LOOOOOVE it. It was the talk of their Christmas party...thanks for getting it to us in time for them to display this gorgeous canvas! You guys ROCK, as always!

Jeremiah Schlomer

I am SOOO impressed with the quality and construction of the canvas I recently received!!! You guys definitely have a high attention to detail, excellence in your product, and in your customer service. I called a few times to make changes and I always was amazed at the stellar customer service. You definitely have my future business and thanks for working so hard to put out such a good product! You guys rock!!!

Jay Crihfield

Working with P2C is not like working with just another "lab", it's working with a custom printer to make sure that every piece is produced exactly as intended!

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