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Get ready for spring!

We love this time of year when the temperatures start to climb and the desert comes alive with all sorts of wonderful things.  It is also time to  take a look around your home or studio and give your artwork a fresh look.<br><br>

Are your wall samples still representative of your style?  Does it reflect your best work? Are you showing samples to your clients of the products you are trying to market to them or do you count on a picture in a catalog to close the deal.<br><br>

Show it to sell it...and show what you do.  It just makes sense.

Customer Testimonials  
Joni Streit

I am so very pleased with the work P2C did on this canvas... they took a lovely picture and made it fine art and it is beautiful. It was packaged so well (which I was nervous about since it was 20x40) that I could barely get into it. Needless to say, it arrived safely and my client fell in love all over again. Thank you... THANK YOU!:)

Ewa Chang

I love how perfect the image comes out EVERY TIME! Your colors are always spot on and the quality is unmatched. Thank you!

Alisa Groves

I could not be happier with EVERYTHING I get from P2C for my clients. But I am in love with this display of my own kids!!! It was on the wall about an hour after they were delivered :) The colors are spot on and they are just gorgeous. Thanks P2C!

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